Furor Gallico were formed in 2007 in Milan, with the intention of combining traditional Celtic melodies with metal riffs and growling vocals. The band, which includes the iconic metal section (guitar, bass guitar and drums) and traditional instruments (Celtic harp, violin, whistles and bouzouki) spends one year playing its still few original and yet-to-be-released songs all around the Lombardy region and in 2009 records and releases its first demo, 390 b. C. - The Glorious Dawn, in 1,000 copies rapidly sold.

The attention towards Furor Gallico grows rapidly and the band gets to work on new tracks, which will feature in the 2010 self-title first full length, played for the first time during the same year Fosch Fest edition. The album is soon reissued, as 500 copies are sold in only two months. In these early years, the band takes part in numerous Italian and European festivals, sharing the stage with several leading metal acts, such as Stratovarius, Crucified Barbara, Equilibrium, Fleshgod Apocalypse and many more.

In 2011, the band plays at the Fri-Son Live Club in Fribourg (Switzerland), opening for Eluveitie upon their very singer’s request, and getting the attention of the manager of the Swiss act, who offers to help in fostering the album promotion abroad. This results in a second reissue and global distribution of Furor Gallico by Massacre Records, with copies sold in the US, Japan, Australia, South America and Russia. In the same year the band plays at Live Club in Trezzo sull'Adda width Haggard.

Headling show @ Montelago Celtic Festival 2012

2012 are 2013 are again packed of live shows in Italy and Europe, constantly increasing the fans dedication and support, so that during the 2012 edition of Montelago Celtic Fest the band plays a headlining show in front of nearly 6,000 people. In 2014, the band embarks on the Tour di Mezzo. Despite taking place four years after the band’s debut album, the tour is extremely successful, with a massive turnout at the thirty Italian gigs.

Meanwhile, the second full length, Songs from the Earth, is being recorded and, at its completion in 2015, is released and distributed by Scarlet Records, which also arranges for a third reissue and international distribution of its predecessor. The band is constantly involved in many festivals, both at European and Italian level, and gets to play with many major acts, like Carcass, Satyricon, Arkona, Finntroll, Uriah Heep and Destruction.

In 2015, the second full length is released, with its promotional tour kicking off at iconic Parisian club La Machine de Moulin Rouge, at Cernunnos Pagan Fest, with Moonsorrow, Cruachan, Svartsot, and ending with eight supporting shows to Mägo de Oz’s European tour. At present, the band is working on the third full length.

Davide Cicalese

Growl, Scream & Clean Vocals

Becky Rossi

Celtic Harp

Gabriel Consiglio

Guitar & Backing Vocals

Marco Ballabio


Mirko Fustinoni



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